Poem: Love warning

We get along just fine, now yeah
But sooner or later
This will die
I don’t lie.
Don’t get me wrong, okay
But you dont want this anyway
This will die
Believe me, I know.
Let me educate you, a little-
Addicted to cheap thrills, I am.
My intensity will choke you
You and your naive beliefs  brother man.

Kill it, dead.
Dead, like my faith in love, sadly.
I’m so tired of “working through this” and
Compromising and all that.
I’m done.
Just feed me what I need,
You want it too-
I can tell,
I feel like I know you so well.

Don’t get hooked, please.
I’m warning you.
You don’t want this.
I’ll tire you,
Drain you,
Love you,
Kill you.

Death is not good for you-
You don’t want this,

But I do.

Come on, talk to me- what did you think?

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