The blogger has been quiet- Updates :) and motivations

Hello world! (boring programmer introduction)

I have been a busy bee of note, having fun, organizing gigs, prepping for a JHB trip, VIP model agency launch and having an uber awesome time connecting to amazing people in my life. I have also taken time off to pause, and reflect on the year’s events and happenings.

I decided a few weeks ago, that I am a winner. This explains my happiness and positivity. I have been blessed with a year of trials and tribulations and lessons well learnt! I have succeeded and failed in more ways than one this year, but overall (with the bigger picture in mind), I have ended with a ((BANG)).

So I didn’t graduate this year. Pffff. (I didn’t plan to and I still passed Auditing, hehehehe). I’m still alive, and kicking, and conquering! That’s for sure. I have NO doubt in my mind that things happen for a reason, and for this reason alone I welcome the year that was 2011. Sigh, this sounds like one of those end-of-year-speeches. In part, it is. I have been thinking so much. Life has just been buzzing of late, and I’m owning every second. Maybe it’s the weather? Maybe it’s in me just embracing every second? Maybe it’s me just deciding to be. Just be. Every single part of me is tap-tapping, itching to get to work, finish my degree and do all the stuff I want to do….

*Arrrgghhhh* <—— Scream of joy, relax.

So, what’s happening in the world of Yve now?

Had a great jam with the boys Josh and Yanick at Purple Turtle again last night! Great crowd, again, Awesome music and talent, AGAIN, but what I loved most of the boys was their yearning to just gives us some good vibes. That is all. They are genuine like that- and makes them a pleasure to work with. Why did Josh Riley cut his hair???? That should be the title of my next blog post.

Can somebody just holler with what went down at Synergy this past weekend?? Geez! I missed it. I was a party of my own (#hides).

Onto some promo work quick:

My bra (friend) Ephraim Gordan (from Class Act SABC1 and UCT) is starring, alongside DJ Mouton,  in a production called “Kragbox” at the Magnet Theatre in CPT. Book at 021 448 3436. It’s directed by Fran Marek and Mark Fleishman! R50 gets u in. Dates: 29 Nov- 1 December only. Check here:

Then tomorrow night, my sister, Chanell Adams (CJ Adams on FB), will be taking to the ramp at the LTKN Model and talent agency launch. I’m talking VIP, red carpet, goodie bags, TV crew, hotness all round! *YAY* I will be there and tweeting for days! Can’t wait, so proud of my sister. =)

See link here: There are still a few tickets left, R100 regular, R200 VIP, but if you buying after 1pm tomorrow and at the door, it’s be R200 and R350 VIP. I’m not good at Maths, but I think the latter is not a good idea. Get your tickets quick! 🙂 See us all there, strutting our stuff… *winks*

The spotlight posts are still coming- my busy friends have been, well, as I have mentioned quite busy.

Let’s be excited about life!

You owe it to yourself.


Miss Y

twirra: @yvette_adams


Email me for more info about any of the events or collab work 😉



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