To make-up or not to make-up

I think I am over the whole “I-want-to-prove-I-am-hot-by-using-make-up” phase in my life

Seriously. It’s not that I have a problem with make-up, I just think I am over it. That is also due to the fact that makeup, good quality make-up, is quite pricey… (I’m over here sponsors *jumps up and down and waves*)

I had a conversation with a friend of mine about make-up and the whole ‘beauty regime’ some women go through in the mornings and the evenings apparently. Wow, so much effort. So, so much effort. And then there are people who do their hair too. Additional admin. I agree that one should take pride in maintaining your appearance, but sometimes I think some people need that make-up to possibly cover up some issues. Then again, some women use make-up to enhance their features. Hmmmmm, so how do we know who uses it to conceal issues? There must be signs though? Maybe yes, maybe no?

I have decide to categorize women (for interest sake, not empirical research sake) as per the following:

  • Women who do make up every day (even sleep with it) <—I think they have issues
  • Women who do such things on the regular <–Eh, not bad. Maybe they work at an audit firm or are lawyers. hey require make-up
  • Women who only do it for special occasions (includes interviews) <—Me
  • Women who don’t put on at all <— the lady who doesn’t put on any, thus identifies herself here

*This study excludes women who are allergic to make-up.

Speaking of regular, how often am I supposed to shave my legs? My mother, no offence mom, never told me this. Then again, I wonder if I would’ve listened anyway. I’m one of those, easy-going-do-I-really-have-to? kind of girls… I shave when necessary, which is less often than I wear make-up and NEVER in Winter. Am I wrong for not caring? Am I wrong for asking why I should be bothering with such? Ok, ok, let’s say for argument’s sake I shave my legs… And then what?


Exactly. Personal hygiene I understand… But shaven legs  everyday, for what? As some political friends of mine like to say “It can never happen that thing”.

Skin care regime, creams, toners, SPF. Now those we can debate about. Apparently, because I am 25 (almost pushing thirty), I need to take care of my skin and start watching out for wrinkles… Eeeek… I don’t mind reality, but reality checks?! When a professional tells you that “it is time”, all jokes aside, you know it’s real. There are so many products out there, awesomely expensive brands and cheaper brands who promise you the moon and sun. Some of the actually deliver. When it comes to skin care (seeing that we are not snakes and don’t shed our skin) we should invest and maintain what we have. In my opinion anyway. If we can afford it, why not?

Please note, I am specifically referring to skin care and not make-up stuff. I would rather have healthy, peachy skin than heavy make-up… Just saying.

I’m sure that having some sort of skin analysis done (thank goodness we have such things as beauty technology!) , the results would guide you as to what you should be targeting. The healthier your skin, the less imperfections there may be and the more likely you wouldn’t need to pile on the make up? * Shrugs her shoulders as she asks herself*

Check out the Skin care clinics and Spa’s around you in your area, there are always specials being advertised. <—- Students love specials and free stuff. It’s like a disease.

Some of the Spa’s I have been to quite a few in CPT:

  • Life day Spa (Century City)
  • View Health and Skin Care Clinic (Westlake) <—blogged about them before, under ‘Review’
  • And another lovely place near the Pick ‘n Pay, also in Westlake/ Steenberg *It would help if they had a website or something*
  • The Spa at the One and Only Hotel CPT
*Note- most of my visits to Spa’s are due to entering, and subsequently winning, competitions. I am a student, after all.

Sigh, SPF 15 and up… I feel like I am the only one who doesn’t wear the stuff. I think it’s because I am scared I will have a that unsexy, white paste look.  And to those who know me, ya’ll know I’m already so light in complexion. Skin cancer is dangerous though, and I have had sunburn so often- I think I should be worried. I really should. So, someone, scare me quick. Because that’s the only way I’ll be packing on the sunscreen.

I was thinking of getting one of those magnifying glass mirror things, to check if I have wrinkles yet (I have semi-bad eyes). That would scare me though. Imagine the size of my pores. OMG. I know I have many imperfections, and I’m totally okay with it, kinda-sorta, on most days, but I don’t think seeing them magnified will help me want to ‘do something about it’… In fact, it may just want me to pack on that make-up… Cough.. Hint-hint… Throw away the magnifying-glass thingy.

Moral of the story? I don’t know, but I know that I will be looking after my skin, and just being care-free and live some days hair-free.

Take it or leave it. I’m still cool, sun-baked cheeks and all.

Drink water.

Miss Y


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