Poem: Sweet regret

Oh Regret,

I see you have come to visit again.

We used to spend day and night together,

Yes, I remember those times.

I was young and you were bitter.



Sweet Regret,

This time your visits are shorter,

Less bitter.

Maybe it’s in the weather?

Maybe it’s you-

You’ve changed for the better.



Your friends,

Disappointment, grief and heartache have come along too.

That’s fine- let them in.

We can all gather round and have some tea.

I’m so much braver now you see.



Let me tell you straight to your face, Regret.

I no longer fret.

I have lived.

I live still, not holding my breath.

You may taint my memories, a little.

You may mist my eyes, a little.



But this time, you don’t have me.

I guess I have you, this time, Regret.

It’s a fact you best not forget.

I have you, regret.

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