Poem: The Perfect kiss

And so your eyes hint at mine

You draw me close

“Yes I’m fine, ”

I whispered.

You say:

“Yes, you’re mine”.


Your hand reaches for my waist

The comfort in your touch

I want to taste.

“Oh,” I say.

You say:

“The beauty of your face.”


Our lips meet and dive into bliss

More of this I cannot wish

They dance and twist.

“More,” I say.

And you give me more

For I am who you adore.


Your left hand takes to my neck

We kiss in cursive

And taste

And love.

Now I look like a wreck, flushed and blushed.

“Oh,” I say

But you love me anyway.


With my face cupped in your hands

All worries fly into the wind.

Fly into you, I do.

Fly we do.

Until we come down

“No,” you say.

“We fly,” you say.

I like what you say.


My tear escapes

And your thumb erases its very trace.

May this kiss be


Never deceiving.

Always leave us believing.


In this thing.


2 thoughts on “Poem: The Perfect kiss

    • Yve's Corner says:

      Thanks Kat.. People really like that line… I hope to get referenced one day :). Lucky all my stuff is copyrighted. I should should put that somewhere that all my work is copyrighted……. 🙂


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