So where is this blog going? Bet you are asking yourself that…

Ask away. I have no real answers. Well, I have a concrete plan which guides me. I just can’t say what the specifics will be about.

This blog is an extension of who Yvette Adams is.

A brief summary: All-over-the-place and centred around people, helping them out and highlighting their achievements. So little is said about those who live their passions, and make things happen in little ways for themselves, but also for others. We don’t always notice the impact people (in our own lives) have on the lives of many others. So, I will try (to the best of my ability) to do some investigative work and showcase those up coming youngSTARS and those inspirational people in our communities who strive to make life better for others.

I will file these under the category called: “Showcase”. You will probably know a few of them (UCT readers), as I will start with my home town, UCT, and people I got to meet through some form of interactions there. We got some rocking talent, amazing individuals who do so much and achieve so much more. But alas, we fail to notice them.

In addition, this blog will still talk about serious issues and not-so-serious stuff. It’s just how I roll. I will also review places and events I attend too- just to let everyone know how really cool I am. I’m joking. It’s just part of the promotional work I love doing.

I don’t do up-to-date news and stuff really. I prefer and enjoy observing, pondering and then reporting about it. Must be the auditor in me.

Poems, yes, those will still be coming along as I blog.

Hope this provides some sort of clarity….


Miss Y

P.S Email me if you want me to blog about you (especially if you are an upcoming artist) or you know someone who needs to be blogged about:

P.S.S No, I don’t work for Purple Turtle


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