Josh & Yanick Jam Session @ Purple Turtle, CPT

It was a chilly winter’s night. No, I lie.

It was actually a clear, warm night in town- I got a bit lost with my crew, Neo and Buhle on our way to town. I won’t say who was directing me to Long street… Don’t look now —-> Buhle Majokweni!

Neo and Buhle (sho't right)

We got to Purple Turtle, walking from the top of Long street (#basically) and made our way to the bar area… Place looked quiet, except for the groupies, but the vibe was relaxed, almost mellow. It was Monday after all.  Drinks sorted. Once I get some sponsorship I will tell you which brand I had a sip of. 😉

First act of evening was Jarnelle Botha.

That is she

She said she doesn’t have a facebook page, so I can’t hook you up with that info, but what I can say is, this young lady has a kickass voice… If I was asked to describe her style and her voice, I would say it reminded me of that “perfect smokey eye” those hot models have in big magazines. Some dark tones, inviting and intriguing. You should really hear her confidence song. Oh, Oh, Oh and she does an acoustic version of one of T.I’s (the rapper, yes) songs. Awesomeness!

Next on the line  up… Josh Riley and Yanick Bathfield (from 7th Son). ‘LIKE’ their page on FB (Advertising. cough. cough).


Yanick (7th Son)

The ultra smooth acoustic reggae session blew the audience and groupies away. Or wait, drew the groupies nearer. The crowd loved Yanick and Josh’s vibe on stage- they cracked some jokes and definitely have a great stage presence. As an audience member I felt like I was just checking out my friends jammin’ it on stage. Yet, I felt ‘at home’ at the same time. Their voices- top-notch quality no lies. The song choices were interesting too! It was awesome how they got people to smile as they sang about taboo topics. Ok, not only smile but sing along too. Slightly awkward but liberating as well. Hey, we were jammin’ it up for days. 🙂

Last act was Vickus (with a V) Horne.

Vickus (Cherry Vynil)

In my mind I was like “This guy has some act to follow” *cue rolling eyes*…. And then BAM! He oozes awesomeness. He likes to emphasize the fact that he sounds better with his band (Cherry Vynil), but he has so much soul. He was amazing and the crowd loved him too. Apparently him and John Mayer are quite tight and they email each other and stuff. I did say apparently 🙂

Of course me being the stalker/groupie-like/connector that I am, I made sure I hooked up with the artists, the young lady had left but I got some info about the all da peeps who performed, so you BEST believe I will summarize the info for you nicely.

Firstly, Monday nights are acoustic nights at Purple Turtle.

See link here –>

Secondly one of the organizers and main guys there is Wikus (with a W) de Lange. Now this guy is ‘Mr Talented and Mr Sweet’ all in one package. He also plays and sings!!!! And he is doing big things. Again, no lies. Here is the link to his FB page: Have a listen to his tracks etc…

Josh Riley… mmmmmmm…. Watch this space! Add him on FB. I know you want to.

Yanick Bathfield, as previously mentioned is from a band called 7th Son. ‘Like’ their page on FB:

And for those who don’t know, they will be playing at SYNERGY!!!

What is Synergy? Between the sun and the stars, between the city and the winelands, between live and electronic. Synergy Live, South Africa’s legendary music & lifestyle festival, returns to the rural beauty of the Boschendal Wine Estate in the heart of the Franschhoek wine lands, from November 25 to 27. Link:

Vickus Horne– Band manager/ Front man (As stated by the sexy business card I got last night). Here is their FB page: I’m sorry but I think the band name is just so sexy. Cherry Vynil… Cherry Vynil. OK, once more, Cherry Vynil.

Epic Monday night at Purple Turtle. 🙂 Quiet Tuesday blogging about it. And yeah, I’m still humming really awkward songs in my head.

Sigh. It’s all about the music. It’s all about the vibes, good, good vibrations…

Good Night All!

Miss Y

P.S Oh an I’m joking about the groupie thing. They were all the friends of Josh and Yanick there to support them. It would have been soooo cool if they were groupies though. Soon. Josh is too hot not to have a groupie.  Just stating the obvious.

And yes I need a real camera to take pictures. Sponsors? Anyone?


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