Spa review: View Health and Skin Care Clinic- Westlake

“Exceeding my expectations”

So today I went to View Health and Skin Care Clinic on the sunny side of CPT, the beautiful Southern Suburbs. The spa is located in close promixity to The Virgin Active gym, (hint hint) and ample parking is available. I say that because I am not a very good parker- and with ample space, comes ample space to manouvre. And yes, I have my driver’s licence.

Back to the point.

Upon arrival you are greeted by beautiful ladies, smiling (real smiles) and they are uber friendly. I really pay attention to genuine smiles. Today I went for a simple face mapping session. For those who don’t know face mapping is… It is a simple session where they divide your face into regions and identify your ‘problem’ areas- and document it on page and scribble notes on it. Don’t worry, they still make you sound perfectly normal regardless the number of imperfections you may think you have.

All I expected was someone to look at my skin and say this and that. But no, Simone, the therapist who advised me, got me to change into the toweling boobtube, relax under the covers and the classical  music just set the-inner-relaxation-switch ON. We started with a quick cleanse, and the microscope and light came out… She highlighted a few issues and suggested products that would address those. Naturally some small talk, but what I appreciated most of all was that she mentioned things we spoke about at my previous visit. That showed that she actually listened, and what I said mattered. Things, totally unrelated to skincare. THUMBS UP. She applied some exfoliation paste and I relaxed for a few minutes…. Sigh.. Tingles. As in my skin tingled 🙂 .

The whole session last about 30-40mins. She then sat with me and discussed the follow up products I could purchase and the services I could use that would best suit my skin.

I have been to MANY spas and skincare clinics, but what stood out for me at this one was their emphasis on client satisfaction. It’s a personal and genuine want for them for you to be satisfied. You don’t find that all over. That is a guarantee.

If you are looking for PROFESSIONAL service, at an UPMARKET clinic. You won’t be disappointed. I paid R100. BOOYAH! =) 

Enquire about the price list- there always specials running, BUT remember it shouldn’t be about the price. Seriously. I’m a student, and broke, but, I realize the value that is included in their prices. You get what you pay for. Always. So if it’s a high price, you can rest assured you will get exceptional value.

Call them on 021 7011300- I recommend getting this as a gift a spoiler for yourself or for a family member or friend. JUST in time for Christmas. 😉 They get booked quite early, so book quick quick and in a hurry.

Check out their FB page: View Health and Skin Care Clinic at

View Health & Skin Care Clinic

Feeling Fabulous! Thank you ladies so, so much!

Miss Y

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