Poem: Out of Breath

Running after you, your every move

Is more tiring than I thought, boy.

I know you said this would be hard

And I should run for dear life

But I can’t chase anymore

Because you got me out of breath.


Who knew you had to be fit for love?

I’m tired because you make me chase you,

race you.

All I want to do is face you.

If this is your idea of a test-

Then I say

Good luck to the rest.


I’m tired because you won’t end this race

I’m tired because I’m running, running

With no promise of winning or losing.

I’m out of breath.


I ran more than halfway boy,

So I’ll wait here – in bated breath.

Hoping that you’ll glance back

To see that I’m taking a little rest.

To catch my breath.


This pain in my chest

Can only be from being unfit I’m sure.

It can’t be you.

It can’t be the fact that you made me chase-

And wait.

And have no certainty to face.


Just leave me.

Don’t watch me as I hang on for dear life.

I’m trying to catch my breath.




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