iWant this, iWant that, iWant solutions

Ok, I’ll stop with the iJokes.

Steve Jobs has left the building. Hmmm, what to think about this? I read some very interesting posts on FB about his passing (I know quite a while ago) and took some time to ponder about this. Some images include that dashing pic of him:

Steve Jobs


And of course, there was another pic where there was a profound statement which caught the eye of many: “One man dies- millions cry. Millions cry, no one cries”. Naturally the picture depicted many African children starving, dying, crying.  Here it is:

iLife and iDeath

After doing some thinking (which I do on a regular basis), I analyzed what I thought about the while matter. Are we mourning for no real reason at all? Do people have the right to criticize this man’s work and what he brought to the world etc? Here’s my 2 cents:

Steve Jobs did something with his life. He was a failure (to some) on his life journey, but built an empire. Learning, making mistakes and learning some more. He inspired others- with his words, with his own reflecting in his experiences. He stood for what he believed in. Again, he made mistakes. Apparently he was human.

Looking at the fact that so many people die every year, every day in fact, people of all nations experience some sort of suffering. (Not only Africa). I actually found it somewhat offensive that the image used to catch my attention was what Africa was represented as. Maybe I was just being overly-sensitive. It was an ugly picture. That’s point number 1.

Secondly, I am certain that as many people are dying (1 million as the picture states), many, many more are crying. Instead of complaining about what Steve Jobs (1 man, as the picture states) didn’t do, why don’t we invest in ourselves and stop the crying- and help our own people from dying. It’s not one man’s Job to to save the world.

Wii, as Africans seek answers elsewhere. Wii even love to buy products from elsewhere.

Wii, as Africans, look to the West (and East) to solve our own issues.

Wii need to help ourselves.

And it starts with us, investing in the human capital we have here- in the young leaders and change-makers we have here.

Let the man rest. He did his Job. Pun intended. Twice.

Now do yours- and make things happen.

Have your Apple and Eat it

Miss Y

3 thoughts on “iWant this, iWant that, iWant solutions

  1. Mahlwane Mikhail Magale says:

    I think the picture talks more about the value people attach to human life rather than who failed to do what. As humans we would like ourselves to believe that we hold all life sacred and equally valuable but to be honest that is lie at least to a certain extend. One’s life only matters to those he/she matters to. Like in this picture were one man who mattered to the world died and the world cried and millions who do not matter to the world die and no one cries. The sad part is that if we really wanted to we could prevent most the deaths of these kids but then we would have to care for us to act.

    I agree with you that we should not look to the west for help but not to say that we do not welcome it though. As Africans we ought to find solutions to problems facing Africans.


    • Yve's Corner says:

      It’s about perspective I know. I agree that it aimed to maybe depict that all life should be valued equally. I had an issue with the image used. It re-enforces negative stereotypes and ideas. Africa is suffering, but it is also growing, thriving. Also, we do not also acknowledge the efforts of those in the community doing so much. They are no ‘Steve Jobs’, but we don’t acknowledge their importance and the impact of their work, feeding those hungry children. We value life. I think we do- we need to be careful what images and ideas we put out there in the media.


      • Asief says:

        I think the point is that so many people are dying, and all of them could be the next Steve Jobs, but circumstances deny them the opportunity. Nobody’s saying don’t mourn the man’s passing, like you said, we need to do the best we can to better our world instead of just being all (sanctimonious) talk.


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