Poem: Poisonous me

Lady, I look at you and all I see is just this reflection

But it’s more than deception

You are not who I want to be.

I know that in your eyes lie my soul

So, open wide- I want to see me whole.

It’s so cold out here-

I’m shivering

with fear.

It’s so, so cold out here-

There’s no one to hold me near.

May I join you in that world of yours I see?

You’re you there, and

not me.

Embrace me, let me in on the other side.


Be that friend in whom I can confide.

I’ll dry my tears- I promise you this.

If you just help me to unclench this fist.

A gentleness overcomes me and I breathe

Staring at you- I realized that you are just me.

Just a stronger version of me.

So free.

With fists still clenched, I take up arms to-

take up a new fight.

The fight of my life

To live life, right.

And kick that poison out of sight.

That poison which once was the near death of me.

I remember when you were no good for me, poison.

I remember when you were me.

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