I’m no groupie

But damn last night was awesome.

I went to see ‘Son of a 1000’ last at night Purple Turtle on Long in town with my friend Michelle. I have been to Purple Turtle before to see Plush and Jesse Clegg perform, so initially I thought it was going to be a dodge affair, again.

On the contrary, it was quite delightful. <—-insert English accent.

They are busy with revamping the place, so more DODGE city.

Anyway, back to the gig. There were two performers who stole the show (almost) before the main act started. This one chick ne. Yor. Like. I was melting in her voice and her performance just drew me in. #mesmerized. If only I could remember her name. (You see ladies, it’s not only the guys who don’t remember your name in the morning). I think they (the dudes with the money) are going to help her get some more exposure or a recording or something. I don’t know, I was trying not to listen to other people’s conversations. But they should. I’m just going to say- she is better than Adele. Yeah, I said it. And Michelle and I got to chat to her afterwards and she applied to come to UCT next year. Yay. (Why I’m excited about that is beyond me).

<INSERT EDIT> Paige Mac Mahon is her name. WATCH OUT. BIG things!

Now, for the main guys. Son of a 1000 (S1000.) WOW. Let’s see- look I don’t want to over dramatize their talent and what-not. I think what always moves me to respect the artists (in general) performing is when they are true to their heart, their calling and they perform with that truth. Like they ‘live’ every note and line from the songs. They need to be real. These guys have that, and they make it seem so effortless. They are really funny too. It’s a good mix between great music and great personalities. Federico is totally random and tickles his guitar as they perform- in a non-awkward fashion. When you meet him, he has this real sense of ‘loving life’ and ‘loving people’. I admire that. Then Shaun surprises you with his vocal range and expresses every note and lyric like his life depended on it. Looks like it does. Well, he had me going there for a moment. These two. Together. What fun!

Also, I think it’s so amazing that someone would have the courage to be on stage- it takes real courage. #real talk. That is what it would be for me anyway- to find my inner diva and get on stage and rhyme. I get butterflies just thinking of it. *floating in the air as i delve on the thought*

Back to S1000. In the spirit of sharing and promoting artists and their work- I say check out their FB page ‘Son on a 1000’ and http://www.reverbnation.com/sonofa1000 . Listen to their tracks.

Dates of next shows:

3rd of November at Zula Bar, Long Street.
5th of November at PERIGATORS, Pringle Bay
6th of November at Barmooda- with our man CHAD SAAIMAN: Summertime Edition.
8th of November at Trinity.

Oh yeah and they have tattoos and stuff. So they cool, like me.

I miss the stage.#more than an afterthought

P.S Pics to follow- later today.

Miss Y

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