Poem: Love you Less

My love,

Yes, indeed you are that to me-
a love that has more than just set my heart free.
What I don’t understand you see,
is that my heart is not completely
or- carefree.

If more than ever I have grown to love like this
a man who seemed to have crept into me with that first delayed kiss.
The man who pushed me to fight, fight and fight with a clenched fist-
Fighting for a love I have grown to miss
and miss.

And through days and months that pass
I grow to wonder whether it would last.
I told you why wonder, wonder- there is no mask
that hides my worry and fear for this turbulence to pass.
Just pass.

Now hear me out before u dare say
That I let this love float away.
You are still here, and yet I feel you the one who float, floats away-
leaving me to stray
and to my dismay
I opted then to push you

I used to be your sweetness,
the tip of your tongue
The beginning of your day
The last thought before and after you pray.

I used to be that smiley face.
I used to be your PING.
Now, I feel like I’m just
-another thing.

Who’s to blame for such saddening news?
Who do I kill, for killing my muse?
You? Me? Or all those other fools
who had so much to say when they thought we would lose
But wait.

Are we not the fools to have messed up such greatness?

If only I could find a find a rhyme to flow with that last line.
Guess not- guess it’s time to skip these rhymes
and talk.
Talk about what steps next.
Who steps next?
What steps best?

Don’t say rest.
Because I just can’t
Love you less.

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