I got me some man trouble

No, it’s not what you think. Nothing to do with my love life. But everything to do with Cayden, my son.

Sigh. Who would’ve thought that raising a man would be such a challenge? Oh yeah, I see all the old married women out there with ‘problem’ husbands nod their heads. No ladies, I’m not referring to you wanting to ‘change’ your men.

I’m talking about being blessed with a baby boy and being responsible for turning that young lad into a man. Not an adult per se, but a man. Now, some may wonder what I mean when I say man.

I’m talking about that kinda guy who knows a woman’s worth, who is respectful (to all things worth respecting) and he is… THAT guy. He doesn’t charm you, because that would make it seem cheap. He would woo you. *Flutters eyelashes*. I would want my son to be the perfect gentleman to his future girlfriend(s), wife, boyfriend (s) <—– Yes I would still accept and love my son if he were gay. I think every mother wants that for her child. Question is…. How?

I have the solution. Jokes. I don’t, butttt Cayden has been undergoing some rigorous training.

My parents, and mom (thanks mum) have been really instilling the whole ‘manners’ thing. It’s just so sweet to hear him say please and thank you- the basics, and dem sum. Yesterday, I told him, “Cayden, you look really cool today”. His reply, “Thanks for the compliment, mom”. Manners. Sorted.

From a young age (about 2 years old), Cayden has been trained to say “Mum, you look beautiful, sexy, gorgeous (you get the picture)” at specific times of the day. These expressions are promptly voiced just after I get dressed, stand in front of the mirror, do my hair or put on some make up. How did I get this right? Initially training began with me asking him how do I look. He would reply with “nice” #pffttt, and I would explain that a woman wants to hear she looks “beautiful, sexy, see above” etc. Ok cool. Compliments. Sorted.

What’s next? Hmmmm, about some ability to cook? Yeah, Cayden can cook. 2 minute noodles. Not bad for a 4 year old.

Next. Cleanliness. A-ha. When he gets undressed he folds his clothes up and puts them away (if they clean) and in the dirty washing if they dirty.

Next. Personality. Now there Cayden is a sure winner. He loves to entertain and he has this AWESOME sense of humour…. I don’t know where he gets it from….. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

So where is this man trouble  speak of? It lies in that I can only do so much. We raise our children for the world, and the world shapes who they are too. I need to make peace with that (and so do many other people I know of).

If there is one thing I know for sure, is that Cayden trusts me. We are a team. He says he loves me most. He says I am his best friend. He calls me Gwenn (Because he is Ben 10). Nobody can beat that kind of love, that bond.

I would like to add that I am not trying to turn my son into the ‘man’ I never had (Like failed parental dreams), but rather that I want him to have the best possible foundation for him to build on to be the best HE can be, for HIMSELF. Others, like you, the world, will benefit though. Promise.

I’d like to end off with some of the cute things he says (like moms do):

  • Good morning Catwoman (Yes, he said that to me because I’m fierce)
  • Mom, do you know how difficult this is for me? (That was the response I got for trying to wake him)
  • But this go-go toy is distracting me (This was when Chanell told him to leave what he was doing and go look for the remote)
  • You still look beautiful. Even the world says so (When I felt really ugly and didn’t want to get out of bed)
  • How are you feeling today mom? How’s your stomach? Are you better? (After I got out of hospital)
  • Wait, you can’t have that. Put it it back in the fridge. I’m going to count to 5. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Good. You know you can’t have that. (This was when I wanted to have some fizzy cooldrink and I’m not allowed to have)
So yeah. Man trouble, but he is amazing.
He is the perfect man already. Wait, I think that’s the trouble.
Miss Y

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