Dear South African ‘Celeb’

Yes, you with about 2000 (plus) friends on FB.

How are you?

I just have some beef, with some of you- okay, maybe one or two in particular, which I would like to air. I enjoy your music (oops, now we know which sector) but I do not appreciate not acknowledging my appreciation for your good work. I know you busy. I can see so, but it’s kinda obvious that you make time for the mooi meire (beautiful girls). I pay for your cds in cash (I don’t get it off, I pay to see your shows, also cash but debit card and I even get my other friends to get to come see you. I even spread the word for you- and I am sure you are very talented, but I don’t like this attitude you are developing. Do you think you from overseas now that you too busy to reply to us? Your original fans? The ones who used to like you before you wore designer labels, before you were on TV. Yes. You. Unlike most people, and groupies, I see you as a person, before a performer. So, maybe you should remember that.

I’m just saying.

At UCT, in this one course, called, Marketing (BUS 2010 #epic fail), we learn, not that the customer is always right, but rather that you need to develop a relationship with your customers (not only corporate ones) where their needs are satisfied and you maintain their loyalty. Dominate the market. So, don’t think just because oh wow, now you have 4000 friends that you ‘made’ it. I’m sure if Michael Jackson had Facebook way back when he would’ve gotten 4000 friend requests gou-gou (quickly), but that wasn’t the point. Michael owned the market hey.

It’s about how many you can keep- and of course grow from there. Michael Jackson is gone now, but I’m sure he got some fans, he got court cases and all, but he still got fans. But, you, sir, will be losing friends, I mean, fans, soon. You will be losing market share.

On a side note: to my own Facebook friends who add me randomly, I have bad news.I am not a famous artist, nor am I some sort of music producer. I add people (sometimes well-known people) to collaborate, not to stalk. I am just Yvette- that girl who used to live next door to that girl next door.

Also, I apologize for not replying to messages like “You don’t make time for me”. Excuse me, but we have no mutual friends (besides artists), you live in Rustenburg and you asked me what I am wearing. I’m not into those kind of collaborations.

I feel better now.

I have met and have been blessed to work with amazingly talented and down-to-earth people this year (Through The Collective) like Emile Jansen, Jitsvinger, Dylan Valley, Brent Palmer, Ephraim Gordon to name but a FEW and also not-so-down to earth people too (cough).

2011 wasn’t too bad after all. 2012 is going to be bigger though.

Check out SKEEM: and PAY to see the movie, don’t just DC it UCT people.

Support local talent. Seriously though.

P.S South African Celebs, I really am keen to collaborate or just promote your talent, no jokes. I want your work out there.

Miss Y

Come on, talk to me- what did you think?

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