Poem: Where are you?

Do you feel this same kind of sadness, an incurable sickness?
That type of sadness that eats at more than just my mind.
It eats my heart and makes me restless-
yearning to find
your sweet love that’s so, so kind.

Do you also feel this emptiness, and damn empty emptiness?
That kinda emptiness that leaves you starving for presence, holiness and breath
your sweet breath.
Damn, I think I’m obessesed with your loveliness, your holiness,
your communist ways
and the days we would sit and pray for better days.

Because we prayed, I promise I prayed too.
For you.
I wasn’t just staring at you-
Hoping for you to be true
And you were, weren’t you?

I’m so sad, I’m so down- smile, kiss, taste me and I promise
I promise I’ll calm down.

Say you are around.
And I promise I’ll calm down.

Come on, talk to me- what did you think?

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