Failure vs setbacks

What does it mean to be a failure, to fail? Is it the same as seeing a possible diversion from a planned outcome as a set back? I think there is a definite difference, but rather one of attitude. If you see something or yourself as a failure, it has different impact than seeing a change of plan or not achieving a desired goal as a set back.

I have always taken set backs personally, that is to say, I have experienced failures and felt like a failure on more than one occasion, in all aspects of my life. Hey, I’m just being real here. What I am learning though is to change my attitude towards it. Seeing learning curves (as that is what they are) as opportunities for growth. Sometimes growing sucks. But it needs to be done. Our plans will not always manifest as we envisioned- but the best plan for us does. We need to learn lessons, it is necessary, for us to be who we are destined to be.

Oh, this all sounds so deep, but it’s true. I often think of one of my friend’s wise words- “Life doesn’t get better, we get better.”-(Matsiliza, P. 2011). This quoted is adapted for my memory sake- but the crux remains. Life is so unpredictable- but the only thing we can count on to be somewhat predictable is knowing that we are getting better and we are growing, we can conquer. So trust that.

On another point. So what if you make the same mistakes again and again (Please don’t quote me). Let mistakes go, forgive others, more importantly forgive yourself. Now, that’s a big one. Forgiving myself. Many don’t know of the life I have lived (even my parents heheheh -awkward), and the lessons I have had to learn and the responsibility I had to take for set backs. Let us not forget that life is indeed a journey, with speed bumps, stop signs and detours.

Hey, maybe it’s not even about failures and setbacks- you just had the wrong destination.

So there is nothing wrong with your GPS, do not question that sexy voice of hers. You will know when you arrive.

In the mean time- keep your eyes on the road and buckle up.

Miss Y

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