The day after tomorrow

Let’s see.

I always wondered what I would actually blog about and where to start my whole ‘reflection’ process. If I look at my life and where  I am going I get this crazy butterfly feeling, that feeling you get when you deep in love and that person you like just sends you a good morning message, or that feeling you on stage in front of hundreds of people getting reading to perform. All those really great nervous happy feelings is what I get when I think of what my life will be like, like I’m standing on the brink of greatness.

“Does everyone get this feeling?” I often wonder to myself. Its like a high though. I am on this path of discovering what makes me happy, doing everything and getting involved in so many things just to see which of those experiences give me that BUZZ. So far, I have found it. Well I think I have. My aunty Marilyn used to say that someone as talented and passionate as me will have troubling settling into life as I can do many things and get excited about doing a lot of different things. I am not bragging here- please don’t get me wrong. I do believe that there is truth in what she was saying. I do a lot, because I can and because I am gifted to do many different types of things.

Part of reflecting though is realizing that I cannot do everything. (Oh woe is me). 🙂 I am still finding that ULTIMATE buzz, I can say though that I am almost there. Secretly I hope I am not almost there- I love this meandering through life discovering all that life has to offer. LOL. May be that is my ULTIMATE buzz. “Who knows?” (They, forever) <— plagiarism joke for the UCT people out there.

So, the day after tomorow for me is always an exciting one. I never know how it’s going to end, or what lessons I will learn or better yet what opportunity while stare me straight in the eye and say “Go on, grab me”.

Miss Y

One thought on “The day after tomorrow

  1. Akhona Lunika says:

    Miss Yves

    One word: Woaw! I totally am with you on this one my friend! Its an exciting feeling when u have the belief that you can shape your life into whatever you want it to be. The idea that something new and wonderful awaits you around each corner that you are approaching, makes life worth living for.
    We all know that not everything goes according to plan. So what? Its a great opportunity to take a detour & learn something!

    Let’s make these big things happen Yves! Someone has to do it… Might as well be US 😀


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